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Real Estate Investors CT & NY is actively buying in Fairfield County, New Haven County, and Westchester County. We are poised to make you a full-price offer!

Our process is fast, easy and takes the stresses out of a traditional sale.

First, we will look at the property and the rental income. We will then work with you to determine the fair market value of the building. We will work with you on the terms and interest rate. We will then make a no-obligation offer. You will never have to deal with commissions, agents or headaches. Imagine a quick sale, cash for your short-term needs and a cash flowing property for years to come!

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Get a Full Price Sale For Your Apartment Building, Without the Uncertainty of Selling The Traditional Way!

Real Estate Investors CT & NY is currently investing in apartment buildings and mixed use properties across Connecticut & New York. We aim to create win-win situations that make sense for everyone!

First, We Will Work Together To Determine a Price That is Fair

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We will start by evaluating the condition of the property itself, calculating the cost of required repairs. We’ll look at the rental income, vacancy rate, and average maintenance costs. You can rest assured we will never bother or harass current tenants. We respect your privacy as well as theirs.

From there we’ll work with you to determine the fair market value. We’ll base it on area comps, the current generated income, as well as any income potential created by making upgrades and repairs. Once we’ve come to terms, we will make you an official, no-obligation offer. The choice is completely up to you. There is never any hassle or obligation.

So How Do We Make Any Money if We’re Always Paying Full Market Value?

First of all, not only are the majority of our offers full price, many times we will pay over market value in exchange for time!

Let us explain: We value time, and we will pay for great terms. You will receive a down payment up front, and monthly payments until the balance is paid in full. You will also collect interest over the course of the loan. Again, we will work together to determine a rate that is fair.

It’s a win for everyone.

  • You get a cash down-payment for your short-term needs
  • You create a monthly capital gains tax-deferred income stream for years to come
  • You end your responsibility of maintenance, tenant screening, and other landlord duties
  • We get a great property
  • We get time to pay it off
  • Neither of us has to deal with the banks and their red tape
  • Neither of us has to pay out agent commissions or fees

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Real Estate Investors CT & NY is buying Apartment Buildings in CT & NY. If you have a property you no longer wish to own, call us! (914) 469-7388 We have a solution you will love! There is never any hassle, risk or obligation!